lundi 06 novembre 2023 - 01 h00
World on Fire on Masterpiece
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PBS (WETK HD), poste 688

Drama Program - 60 min - EN

Emotionally gripping and resonant World War II drama that follows the intertwining fates of ordinary people in five countries as they grapple with the effects of the war on their everyday lives.

Avec :
Jonah Hauer-King (Harry Chase)
Julia Brown (Lois Bennett)
Helen Hunt (Nancy Campbell)
Sean Bean (Douglas Bennett)
Zofia Wichlacz (Kasia Tomaszeski)
Lesley Manville (Robina Chase)
Eryk Biedunkiewicz (Jan Tomaszeski)
Brian J. Smith (Webster O'Connor)
Max Riemelt (Schmidt)
Yrsa Daley-Ward (Connie Knight)

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